Qigong for Neck, Shoulder and Rib-Side Pain (Green Dragon Weaving)

Rehab qigong for neck, shoulder and rib-side discomfort. This qigong exercise is great for releasing tension in the diaphragm (respiration muscle) and relaxing the shoulders. Health Benefits: Mobilizes the ribs and relaxes the diaphragm Mobilizes the liver and chest wall Benefits the shoulder and frees the thoracic outlet (that causes numbness into the fingers) Share
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Qigong Exercise for Neck Pain (King/Queen Arises from Throne)

Continuing the series for shoulder and neck pain – here is another simple qigong exercise to help with “desk-neck” or any forward head carriage issues. You can also pretend that you are in Game of Thrones, rising from the Iron Throne. ha! You can repeat the exercise 8-12 times initially and work up to performing
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Qigong Exercises for Shoulder and Neck Pain

These are great qi gong exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home to relieve tension in the shoulder and neck area. I would recommend doing 8-10 reps on each side (or even more). The neck and shoulder are inherently connected, so these are great exercises that integrate both. Remember to
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Qigong for Low back and Hip Pain (Moving Hips Side to Side)

A slightly more challenging qigong exercise to help strengthen the low back and hips. Do not force the exercise and remember to start in a higher position and gradually work yourself down. This is a great qigong exercise to strengthen the hips, knees, waist and ankles as you keep doing it. It also will develop
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Qigong for Low Back (Pheonix Stretch)

Phoenix Stretch for LOW BACK PAIN Everyone wants to be as cool as a phoenix right? They also know how to stretch themselves really well. This is a simple stretch to help with those achy low back after sitting in the chair for too long. Remember, we were not meant to sit all day as
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Intro to Qi Gong

Introduction to Qi Gong basics and what to expect.

Kidney Breathing

Qi Gong Basics – Learning how to do kidney breathing that is similar to deep abdominal breathing.

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